FGS Organics, and our sister company FGS Agri work with the paper recycling industry to deliver recycling solutions.

We can provide complete waste management packages and landfill diversion, providing services for recycling difficult waste streams. We also assist our clients with waste management initiatives to reduce waste and landfill, encourage recycling, and save money, whilst improving green credentials.

Services for Industry

We are able to provide the following range of services to our clients:
• Simple recycling & end use options for materials
• Complete waste management packages
• Sludge and crumble recycling
• Landfill restoration
• Provision of recycling operatives and systems to segregate site waste streams to ensure maximum recycling
• Supply of mobile and fixed instillation processing and recycling equipment and operation
• Reject processing
• Provision of emergency solutions such as de-watering equipment to complement existing systems or for maintenance

Market Leader

Recycling a variety of paper by-products such as effluent sludges and crumbs has been at the forefront of FGS Organics’ drive to become a market leader for the recycling of these products back to agriculture. We look to provide benefits, either as a fertiliser replacement, soil enhancer or soil building product in restoration projects. More recently we have been looking at alternative markets such as energy production, aggregates and construction routes as we are keen to explore alternative uses for these products to ensure we obtain the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable route for the materials.

Landfill Diversion

Historically the rejected material from the paper making process has gone to landfill. We focus on developing this material to enable it to be recycled and used for energy production therefore extending the landfill diversion.

To find out more about how FGS Organics can help...

To find out more about how FGS Organics can help...