The use of recycled Gypsum is becoming more widespread throughout the UK with the reduction of atmospheric deposits of Sulphur onto UK agricultural land. Sulphur has become one of the main limiting factors to crop yield, limiting the uptake and utilisation of Nitrogen. Recycled Gypsum not only supplies a valuable source of Sulphur and Magnesium but also has major soil conditioning benefits.

Our recycled Gypsum Powder is produced from Countrystyle’s bespoke state of the art recycling facility that recycles plasterboard back into powder to be re-used in the construction industry or diverted to be used in agriculture.

Benefits of Gypsum include:
• supply of sulphur
• increases drainage capacity in soils
• breaks up compacted and saline soils
• improves soil conditioning
• reduces tillage requirements
• source of organic matter (1.5t/ha)
Average dry matter: 95%

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