Paper sludge supply and spreading services provided by FGS Organics.

We can apply different types of paper based product to land in South East England. Produced at paper mills in Kent, these materials are by-products of the paper recycling process.

Paper sludge is a cost-effective alternative to artificial fertilisers, providing a sustainable solution to enhance soil health and productivity.

Farmers use paper sludge to help add organic matter and structure back into their soil. It can aid moisture retention and is a good source of major nutrients.

Our FACTS qualified staff take care of all aspects of the Environment Agency permit applications, from soil sampling to carrying out environmental risk assessments and writing agricultural benefit statements. Visit our compliance page for further details about the compliance services provided by our FACTS/Wamitab qualified advisors.

Paper Sludge – Organic Nutri Sludge

Nutrient rich, biologically digested sludge from the recycling of paper

Benefits of our Paper Sludge include:

  • Source of Nitrogen
  • Provides valuable amounts of phosphate, potash & Sulphur
  • Improves soil structure, workability and moisture retention
  • Enhances a variety of different crops and soil biology
  • Aids carbon sequestration and provides a good source of organic matter (average 8t/ha)

Average dry matter content:32%

Paper Crumble – a soil conditioning crumb

This is a mechanically recovered fibre from the recycling of white office paper.

Benefits of Paper Crumble include:

  • Good source of organic matter
  • Balances elements
  • Builds soil carbon levels (Carbon Sequestration)
  • Increases soil biodiversity which ensures soils are wear resistant to climate fluctuations.
  • Good source of sulphur as well as other major nutrients
  • Improves soil conditioning and moisture retention properties
  • No odour
  • Provides high levels of organic carbon
  • Provides high levels of organic matter (average 10t/ha)

Average dry matter content: 64%

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