Compost supply and spreading – FGS Organics can supply, deliver and apply compost across the South and East of England.

We offer compost derived either from green waste material and/or green and food waste included materials. These materials are composted to meet the standards of BSI PAS100 and the Compost Quality Protocol.

Various grades are available to best fit the end use, whether it is for use as a soil conditioner on arable land or for use as mulch in the horticultural market.

Our team of FACTS qualified professionals are able to match your crop requirements with the nutrients available from an application of the product.


Benefits include:

  • Eligible for use in organic systems
  • Provides slow release major and micro nutrients
  • Improves soil structure/workability & rooting potential
  • Increases moisture retention & soil drainage
  • Good source of organic matter

Carbon Sequestration

Compost can be hugely beneficial to soil, helping to optimise soil health and aid carbon sequestration. Healthy and natural nutrient-rich soil leads to healthy crops.

To find out more about services from FGS Organics...

To find out more about services from FGS Organics...