Application of fertilisers by FGS Organics is undertaken using a range of self-propelled and trailed spreaders.

Fertiliser Application Services

A problem faced by many farmers today is that the equipment necessary for certain jobs can only be used for that single task, despite the equipment being very expensive to purchase. A good, practical and economical alternative is to hire a professional agricultural service to complete some of these tasks for you.  FGS Organics can help with all your application of fertiliser needs using modern, hi-tech machinery.

For the application of Digestate FGS Organics use a range of modern, high-tech application methods including self-propelled or trailed trailing shoe applicators, umbilical trailing hose and trailed shallow disc injectors, all operated by trained, competent operators.

Many farmers have seen their annual costs spent on fertiliser, decrease drastically by adopting the use of digestate fertiliser. Even factoring the cost of the application, many farmers believe that digestate application is overall the most economically friendly option.

For the application of Paper Sludge FGS Organics use trailed Tebbe and Bunning spinning disc spreaders that can spread evenly and accurately when coupled with the Greenstar guidance on the tractors. We ensure that all aspects of compliance are strictly adhered to when it comes to the application of by-product materials to land.

For all your application of fertilisers requirements call FGS Organics today on 01233 820055

Application of fertilisers by FGS Organics
JCB & Bunning
Digestate Disc injector

To find out more about Application of Fertilisers from FGS Organics...

To find out more about Application of Fertilisers from FGS Organics...