Organic Fertilisers

Offering sustainable solutions to agriculture, FGS Organics provide a range of organic fertilisers which we can supply, transport and apply to land.

We have a choice of cost-effective alternatives to artificial fertilisers, with each of our natural fertilisers providing sustainable solutions to enhance soil health and productivity. We provide a complete service, identifying the correct product to suit all crop requirements and farming systems. We organise all analysis, documentation and compliance to ensure smooth delivery and application on the farm.

We also undertake other services such as Agricultural Haulage, Digestate Storage and Viticulture Services.

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Compost Supply & Spreading

Benefits of organic fertilisers

The use of organic fertilisers for farming on arable and horticultural land is a safe and efficient way to provide crops with the vital nutrients needed to generate healthy growth and optimum crop yield. Unlike chemical fertilisers, there is no damage to the essential organisms and micro-organisms, including earth worms which are living in the soil. These also improve the structure of the soil, water infiltration and aeration. The long-term side issues of soil toxicity and declining soil fertility are avoided and organic fertilisers are only produced from natural raw materials, such as animal manures, naturally occurring minerals, agricultural plant waste, compost and treated municipal sludge.

Variety of organic fertiliser options

A variety of organic fertilisers are available to meet the requirements of specific crops and are less concentrated than chemical fertilisers, providing a controlled release of nutrients. This avoids the risk of over-fertilisation resulting in a deficiency of vital vitamins and proteins in the end product for human consumption. With a rapidly increasing consumer awareness of environmental sustainability and how their food is produced, this has influenced the preference for crops grown without the use of non-organic fertilisers and pesticides, together with the motivation to follow a more nutritious diet.

Soil testing and compliance

There are considerable benefits to the environment and local ecosystems, filtering out or neutralising any pollutants before they seep into underground water supplies and neighbouring rivers. However, prior to applying organic fertilisers it’s critical to first test the soil to identify any deficiency in specific nutrients.

FGS Organics provide an accurate soil analysis service to ensure the best formula is utilised and also that over-fertilisation is avoided.  We will also prepare an organic fertiliser management plan for your individual parcels of land and carry out a soil assessment before each crop rotation, with advice on which periods in the growing cycle fertilisers should be applied for optimum advantage of healthy plant growth relevant to the crop type.

End-to-end in-house operation

We offer an end-to-end in-house operation for the supply and application of organic fertilisers with a fleet of modern, high-powered machinery and highly skilled operatives. FGS Organics are committed to providing an environmentally conscious, reliable and friendly cost-effective service for all our valued customers.

Contact the team at FGS Organics to discuss your organic fertiliser requirements.