FGS Organics – Digestate Producers

With the advent of the energy demand market, Anaerobic Digestion of food and bio-waste is a rapidly developing industry. As Digestate application specialists FGS Organics are at the forefront of providing sustainable recycling solutions to the industry for AD outputs. With our sister companies we are able to offer our clients a complete package for the recycling of whole and separated fractions from both liquid and solid systems across the country, with compliance being one of our major priorities.

Services to the AD industry
FGS Organics work with our valued clients to offer a variety of services to the AD industry, including:

• Location identification of on-farm and waste AD sites
• Fuel crop grower contracts and agreements
• Feedstock supply
• Mobile equipment hire
• Digestate removal and recycling of both PAS110QP and ‘waste’ status products

As with all of our recycling services, FGS Organics undertake all aspects of the recycling operations in house to ensure we maintain the maximum level of control with regards to compliance, health and safety and customer service. With our agricultural background we are able to locate appropriate recycling avenues for these products. As a result we are able to minimise any cost implications to our clients and build the product name within the region to develop a market value for the output.

Compliance package
Using our bespoke compliance package all information relating to the location of where the products have been recycled is easily accessible for auditing purposes. This enables us to show our clients where material is stored and is to be spread.

Recycling Responsibly
Ensuring that AD digestate is recycled responsibly is a priority for us. We ensure that the nutrient rich material is applied to land correctly and evenly, in accordance with the relevant legislation including Nitrate Vulnerable Zones and adhering to required timings of application and restrictions regarding the application of the products. We also minimise any impact on the local environment, from vehicle movements through to visual and odorous impacts. We are able to work with our clients on a campaign or continual basis using our range of application equipment that can be tailored to suit the requirements of the end user, product type and logistical requirements.

To find out more about how FGS Organics can help...

To find out more about how FGS Organics can help...