Offering a sustainable solution to agriculture, FGS Organics work with long term partners to provide a range of organic fertilisers which can be applied to land.

Digestate is a nutrient-rich liquid biofertiliser which can be used as a renewable fertiliser in agriculture. It has high available crop nutrients and is an excellent alternative to artificial fertilisers.

The biofertiliser is an output from Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants. With an increasing requirement to produce renewable energy within the UK, FGS Organics are working with many Anaerobic Digestion (AD) operators, recycling the biofertiliser outputs from these AD plants. The products are certified to PAS110ADQP.

FGS Organics are committed to responsible digestate application and complete all aspects of the supply chain of this biofertiliser in house, from compliance and advice through to delivery, storage and application.

For the application of the biofertiliser FGS Organics use a range of modern, high-tech application methods including self-propelled or trailed trailing shoe applicators, umbilical trailing hose and trailed shallow disc injectors, all operated by trained, competent operators.

In addition to improving crop yields Digestate can improve soil health, healthier soil can store more carbon.

Benefits of Digestate include:

  • Crop available nutrients
  • Source of renewable nutrients
  • Source of moisture
  • Sulphur additions during crop growth

Average dry matter content: 4%

To find out more about Digestate and the benefits it can provide...

To find out more about Digestate and the benefits it can provide