Digestate Solid

Anaerobtic Digestate Solid
Anaerobic Digestate is a natural process in which microbes are used to breakdown biodegradable materials where oxygen is not present.

Anaerobic Digestate is a nutrient rich replacement for artificial fertilisers and soil conditioners, containing useful quantities of N, P, K, Magnesium and Sulphur, and also organic matter to help with soil structure. Crop available nutrients depend on the materials used to produce Anaerobic Digestate and how it has been digested, but overall has increased readily available nutrients compared to Pig or Cattle Slurry.

The solid fraction is a derivative of the liquid form that has been processed and de-watered in the same manner as the production of a bio-solid sludge with similar characteristics allowing it to be stockpiled on field prior to application.

Anaerobic Digestate should be applied before the crop is drilled, and be incorporated into the soil soon after spreading to get the best results.

Benefits of application include:
• provides major & micro nutrients
• improves soil structure and reduces soil erosion
• increases moisture retention & soil drainage
• a good source of organic matter (average 5t/ha)
Average dry matter content: 29%

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