Compost for Viticulture

Surface application of compost is increasingly being used in vineyards as a viable economic option with a range of potential benefits. The application of compost improves soil health and vine performance, increasing the levels of soil microbiology. It also acts as a mulch, insulating the soil to help the vine establish better. In addition compost improves soil fertility by providing nutrients which are slowly released over time.

FGS Organics supply high quality compost across the South East. They are able to provide a complete service including completing all the necessary documentation, risk assessments, maps and logistics to ensure the smooth delivery of the material to the vineyard. They can also provide a spreader and oversee operations if required.

FGS Organics can also assist with soil preparation for planting new vineyards. We have two spading machines designed for loosening and breaking up the soil. Spading prepares the soil prior to subsequent work, preparing the seed bed in a single pass. Click here for further details.