Compost for Arable Land

With the advent of tighter regulations and the increasing importance of organic materials being applied to fields, we have invested in a fleet of high specification Bunnings Highlander Spreaders which are fitted with weighloader monitors and printers to aid accurate application. These spreaders have a 20 tonne capacity payload, horizontal beaters and large spinning decks which provide an even application of the product.

In addition to the Highlanders we have Bunnings Lowlander spreaders ranging from 9 to 15 tonne capacities to provide spreading options for more fibrous products such as traditional farmyard manure.

FGS Organics are able to supply both PAS100 and non-certified compost to arable land and Certified Organic farms. There are several types of compost available which can be applied annually to arable land at the correct rates, calculated by our FACTS qualified staff.