BSL accredited Woodchip supplied to biomass boilers

FGS Organics are able to supply virgin wood biomass to your required specification. Virgin wood is used to produce our dried woodchip which is manufactured at our onsite biomass production and drying plant. This ensures we are able to provide a reliable supply of quality biomass fuel and deliver it throughout the UK.

The provenance of wood is very important to us and we work closely with businesses in the Aboriculture industry, from small independent businesses to large commercial organisations as well as the forestry and organics sectors.

The FGS group of companies currently own and operate three biomass boilers utilising both woodchip and straw as fuel sources, therefore we recognise the necessity to keep a homogeneous supply to maintain optimum boiler efficiency.

We understand that customers’ requirements can fluctuate greatly. FGS Organics have a great knowledge of the countryside, logistics of moving and machinery operation. This is why we are best placed to be able to meet these demands by sourcing wood throughout the UK.

FGS Organics are BSL registered and members of the REA (Renewable Energy Association).