About FGS Organics

FGS Organics offer cost-effective, sustainable solutions to enhance soil health and productivity.

Offering an alternative to artificial fertilisers, FGS Organics supply and spread the following renewable products to land:
• Commercial AD digestate
• On farm AD digestate
• Manure, slurries & livestock waste
• Paper industry by products
• Compost
• Gypsum

FGS Organics provide a complete service, identifying the correct product to suit all crop requirements and farming systems. The company complete all necessary analysis and
fertiliser recommendations, documentation, risk assessments, maps and logistics to ensure the smooth delivery of the product to the farm.
In addition to supplying the product FGS Organics can organise on site and off site storage as well as bespoke haulage and spreading solutions. Delivery is undertaken using tankers, rigid tippers or articulated vehicles, while spreading is undertaken using a range of self-propelled and trailed spreaders.

FGS Organics evolved from FGS Agri, an agricultural contracting sister company, founded by Trevor Heathcote over 30 years ago. It is part of Heathcote Holdings, a group
of complementary, innovative and customer centric companies. The diverse and varied group provides a complete ‘From Root to Plate’ solution and totally fulfils the circular economy. Customer service and relationships sit at the core of the entire group. Every service offered is adapted and nurtured to suit customer’s needs and challenges.